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Greenland Kayak Model

Greenland Kayak Models

Rowland occasionally makes models of Greenland kayaks. No two models are the same, but all reflect the inspiration drawn from the kayak culture of native northern Arctic peoples. They can be either bare frame models or covered to simulate the skin-on-frame finish of the completed kayak. Each model comes with a stand and is individually numbered and signed. Every model comes complete in protective wrapping with a strong cardboard box.

A few technical details: the models are 44”/112cm long, are made from strip pine (dark woods for the Special Editions) and the covering of the skin-on-frame versions is tissue paper covered with model aircraft dope (the same construction as the wings of flying model aircraft).

Prices are £225 for the bare frame models (£235 for the dark wood Special Editions) and £250 for the skin-on-frame variants. A ‘fully featured’ Collector’s Special Edition can be built to order and these cost £300.

Delivery is by collection or delivery in person, although if you want to trust the courier or postal systems, they can be sent – but strictly at the buyer’s risk.

Phone Rowland on 01631 710417 or 07761 469126 or email [email protected] for more details or to order.

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Bare Frame Model Bare Frame Model Bare Frame Model Special Edition Bare Frame Model Special Edition Collector

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